Methods & Process

Actionnable tools & concret deliverables

Thanks to my work experience inside very large Corporations both on creative & business sides, I identified key major steps for launching successfully a new brand, a campaign or a product.

From this I developed a methodology to produce concret deliverables and milestones to my clients, and give actionnable tools all along our collaboration.

This is suitable for entrepreneurs, startups and bigger compagnies, and customizable to fit with the client needs.

Define your basics

I believe that in creative marketing there is no one unique recipe for success, only key ingredients and rules mixed with a dose of creative intuition and instincts.

The most important is to define well the basics, to take time to establish the framework (context, objectives…). This is an effective way for data, insights and creative to meet.

As an outside support, my mission is to pass on my knowledges to facilitate the process and to reach smartly your objectives.

What collaboration looks like with me?

We don’t need to do the whole process together, it depends on the mission.

This is a totally customizable approach including tools and ready-to-use workbooks.

You can choose to have consultations, coaching or more operational work depending on your needs. I’m available for short and mid term missions. I’m open to come for meetings in your office or working directly with your teams or for more recurring projects.

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