Brand audit & benchmark

The idea is to understand where the brand stands in its current state and to identify digital trends and opportunities into the current landscape.

Brand positioning & strategy

I give support to define: target audience, value proposition, vision, mission, tone, tagline, graphic charter (aesthetics, color palette & logo).

Brand storytelling

I guide brands to create new stories, new communication angles and to work on the right balance between product & emotion.


Brand content strategy

I create content strategy according to marketing objectives. I find smart ways to feed the brand with content that works and sells (from existing content or new one) and to plan it according to the brand ecosystem.

Brand content production

I support brands on content creation and I manage creative content projects with agencies or freelancers (launches and on-going content). I also propose a pool of creative partners to work with.

PR and editorial planning

I create editorial strategy & calendar for social media, copywriting, influencer content. I work on strategic recommendations and planning for increasing digital visibility based on insights and trends. I also drive PR & E-PR to boost offline and online presence.


Brand and digital strategy

I work on a personalized strategy mainly owned and earned (audit, recommendations..) depending on the brand, its ecosystem and the competition landscape through a 360° vision including retail.

Influence & advocacy

I identify and select influencers, ambassadors, advocates and communities. I also work on strategy & dedicated guidelines for influencers (content factory, co-creation, seeding..) and lead projects, events and partnerships (collaborations, capsules, contests)

Data analysis & website optimizations

I define KPIs and extract key data. I create dashboards and bring strategic recommendations for improvement including social, influence, CRM, newsletters. I also help on website and UX/UI optimizations.


Digital coaching

I propose upskilling sessions in digital communication & marketing.  I organize one-to-one training session or workshops.

Interim & Team management

I manage team, budget and projects. I help to negociate with external partners: agencies & freelancers.

Personal Branding

I guide individuals & founders to build their image and their identity on digital platforms.

How I work

What collaboration looks like with me?

Thanks to my work experience inside very large Corporations and DNVBs, I identified key major steps for successfully launching a new brand, a campaign or a product. 

I developed a methodology to produce concrete deliverables and milestones to my clients, and give actionable tools all along our collaboration. It can be adapted for entrepreneurs, startups and bigger compagnies, and customizable to fit with the client needs. 

My mission as an outside support is to pass on my knowledge in order to facilitate the workflow, improve processes and reach smartly concrete objectives.

You can choose to have consultations, coaching or more operational work depending on your needs. I’m available for short and mid-term missions. I’m open to joining your meetings or working directly with your teams.

More about me

Specific business & creative tools

A customizable & personalized approach

Digital-first, quality & results oriented